Will, Won’t or Maybe Mondays

Today i am beginning a weekly Feature Post that will present a new BDSM/Kink activity that you may or may not have ever heard of.

These activities are taken from checklists you can find online through any search engine.  The checklists are intended to be used by Dominants and submissives PRIOR to playing to determine each other’s HARD limits, soft limits, and to identify those activities that each person gets into.  Below is an explanation of one i like.  A short list of other checklists are listed below for you to search on Google.

There are two answers for each activity that i will introduce weekly.  First you will evaluate your preferences; your desire to do or not to do each one.  There are six possibilities:

  1. No, I won’t do that for any reason
  2. I will, but only if ordered to do it
  3. Yes, Sir, I will since you asked
  4. Yes, I will, but slowly & gently
  5. Yes, I will occasionally
  6. Yes, I will anytime/all the time

The second half of each answer pertains to your experience level and has four choices:

  • Never tried this
  • Tried this once
  • Tried this more than once
  • Do this ALL the time

The first activity i am discussing is ABRASION

In abrasion play the Dominant uses something rough to “wake up” and sensitize the skin of the submissive.  It can be done anywhere on the skin, but preferences my be the buttocks, breasts/chest, abdomen or thighs.  The Dom can use wire or bristle brushes, a toothbrush, Emery board, wool or steel wool pads, or even sandpaper.

After the area is deep pink or red, and the skin very sensitive the Dom may want to intensify the feeling by dripping a little hot wax on the area, or simply dragging a rough fingernail through the braided area.  Either will have the sub squirming.

When doing abrasion play there is a risk of breaking the skin and causing bleeding.  This the becomes a portal of entry for infection, or as a source for spreading HIV, Hepatitis or other infections.  You (the Dominant) may want to wear gloves and have a first aid kit handy just in case.

Abrasion Play – been there, done that

Disclaimer:   A Toilet brush was great for abrasion and to a degree humiliation, BUT make sure you use a new brush or at least one cleaned/sanitized thoroughly with bleach to prevent infections.

Short List of BDSM Checklists 

CEPE Checklist (Archived)  www.cepemo.com/checklist.html

Scene Negotiation Checklist from SM 101 by Jay Wiseman   https://occs.cs.oberlin.edu/~dockhorn/jay.pdf

Latches   http://latches.webslaves.com/checklist.htm

Ambrosio’s Site         http://www.evilmonk.org/a/checklist.cfm

BDSM Education        http://www.bdsm-education.com/checklist.html

DomSubFriends:  seems to be a comprehensive informational site     http://domsubfriends.com/1home.shtml

The Iron Gate         http://www.the-iron-gate.com/essays/17

Seekers (.pdf)        http://www.seekers.org.uk/BDSM%20CHECKLIST.pdf

BDSM Learning Center     http://brian618.whyayh.com/mirror/bdsmlearningcenter/basics/beginners_kit.html

50 Shades of Curious       http://www.50shadesofcurious.com/negotiation/

Soul’s Haven                                                                           https://www.scribd.com/doc/72457921/Soul-s-Haven-Printable-BDSM-Checklist

Night Thunder International                                                                                     http://www.night-thunder.info/bdsm/bdsm-checklist.html



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