boy stray is a true submissive/bottom/slave

i was reading another blog this morning and the blogger put the results of her BDSM test on her blog.  Although i have taken the test 3 times before, it reminded me to take it again.  I take the test about every year to see in what ways i have changed.

Well it seems i have changed a great deal in the last year.  i am, as i state in the title of this post, a submissive, bottom, slave!   i ranked submissive at 100%.  Y/you can’t be a bottom…a submissive, much more than that.  i think this degree of change is largely due to my coming out more as a Leather “person,” meeting other Leather submissives and being around more Doms/Masters.  Also, i have been reading a lot of books about Leather sex, how to be a leather boy, and about being a slave to a Master.  It has intrigued me, drawing me further into the world of BDSM.  My true nature IS coming out FINALLY.  i love calling a Dominant, SIR!  Although i mostly avert my eyes when in the presence of a Dom, if i do make eye contact with a Dom at the Leather bar i would be very happy to buy Him drinks, light His cigar, and do as He orders me — in the bar.  i would try to hold back and not rush to His dungeon.  i wouldn’t know Him at all really and would not have had time to vet Him to make sure He is known in the community and believes in Safe, Sane & consensual play.  i have read time after time to take care and be cautious about hookups with strangers.  Y/you DO want to come out alive!!

But, i digress…

my score for each archetype on the BDSM SCALE is shown below.

100%      Submissive 

99%        Rope bunny 

97%        Exhibitionist 

95%       Degradee 

95%       Experimentalist 

93%       Slave

91%       Primal (Prey)

89%       Non-monogamist 

86%       Masochist

70%       Voyeur

54%       Girl/Boy 

49%       Brat

40%       Age player

40%       Pet

5%        Vanilla

2%       Sadist 

1%       Brat tame

1%       Daddy/Mommy (A good reason not to call me Daddy or Papi)

1%       Degrader 

1%       Owner 

1%       Primal (Hunter) 

0%      Dominant

0%      Master/Mistress

0%      Rigger

0%      Switch

So, Y/you can clearly see i am a submissive with strong slave leaning tendencies.  Or as W/we use to say when it was acceptable to say, “i am a BIG OLE BOTTOM!”.  i just crossed the PC line with that statement and if i offended Y/you, i do apologize.  However, if W/we take back that statement, get rid of the stigma and bottom shaming, we empower ourselves as bottoms and as submissives.  As i have said many times, without “Big ole submissive bottoms” there could be no Tops/Doms/Masters!

To see the full color results of my test results go to

That will show Y/you how the test results look.  After checking that out click on the View my PDF.  It gives an explanation of the results and how i fared on the comparison to others who have taken the test.  If Y/you do look at it Y/you will see that my results are probably skewed slightly toward being a submissive.  A few percentage points lower won’t change the facts about who i am.

To take the test go to

Furthermore, you can view my Slave Registration number that i obtained nearly two years ago.  i have been asked about the significance of having the number, and what it means to me.  i suppose in actuality it has no meaning.  But for me it gives me an official date of when I finally decided to begin my coming out process.  It was the first time i documented my being a big ole bottom or more accurately a submissive…on paper via the Internet, and not on my back in countless bedrooms across the country.  But, more than it just being a piece of paper it declares my desire to live my life as a submissive, or even a slave, in service to a Dom/Master.  i have a definite date January 24, 2015, and the “proof” for a Dom that this is not new for me and that i am not playing games.

If you are interested in seeing how Y/you shake out on the Dom/submissive scale take the detailed and anonymous online test.  And if you test AND feel you fall in or near the submissive/slave category you can register for a slave number at

Let me know if Y/you take the test and where you fall on the spectrum of sexual kink and BDSM.

Thanks for reading,

boy stray

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