The Master, an update

i wrote about my attempting to develop a Master/slave relationship with The Master.  I was checking in daily with Him as ordered, but hadn’t gotten a response till this afternoon.  He ordered me to send a full front torso picture, which i did.

He did not respond.  I messaged him three times over the next 18 minutes.  The system indicated He had looked at the picture.

What does that mean?  i immediately turned it inward and felt judged, rejected, and embarrassed.  i went immediately to self body shaming. Then after a few hours i turned it around.  Perhaps He was called away from His computer or phone due to work or family responsibilities.  Maybe there was a loss of power due to winter storms.

Or maybe i was rejected because of my body.  

i have been dumped from conversations before online after sending pics.  Now, i am not ugly!  My body is a bit…a little thick in the torso from having HIV for 33 years.  (Maybe i will tell you more about that later).  My legs and arms are a bit thin but not skeletal.  i know i need to go to the gym and not just drive by them, and i will soon.  But, all in all i look pretty good for what i have been through.  This year alone was extremely difficult.  (More later). 

Back to this Master.  At first when i didn’t get a response i apologized for my body appearance.  The next message was a short explanation of my body.  The last one I proclaimed my pride in my looks.  If He has no further contact with me so be it.  If He does contact me again…well, i will be grateful for His attention and our continued vetting of each other.

i do hope He is a bigger and better man than the impression i was left with today.  Trying hard not to jump to conclusions too quickly.

i would love to hear Y/your comments, questions and if Y/you have suggestions or constructive criticism please share that in the comments section or PM me any time.
Thanks for reading,

boy stray 

4 thoughts on “The Master, an update

  1. Some Dom’s Luke to make you insecure or keep you off guard something I personally do not like. I am not sure about this one. It is possible he got busy. As far as I am concerned, you look awesome and if he doesn’t want you, it is his loss!


  2. I’m sorry you are feeling bad. There is something about being submissive that makes us even more vulnerable and open to insecurities. It sucks!

    You look great! It sounds like leaving a sub in a state of anticipation may be his thing. Some people like it. I personally hate it! I wouldn’t immediately jump to the conclusion that he isn’t interested. It hasn’t been that long since you messaged him. He may have had to step away for a minute. Keep us updated and go do something that keeps you away from the computer for a few hours!


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