Maintaining Momentum

The holidays threw me into an “absence of Leather” funk.  So much time and energy was spent on decorating the inside and outside of our home for Christmas, sending out Christmas cards, spending time with our vanilla friends, and eating a lot of all the wrong kinds of food, that my Leather connection was missing for most of December.  It has left me longing for my friends who are leather boys, for my BDSM classes, and opportunities to go out to the local Leather bar.

Since i no longer have a mentor and the prospects for finding one at this time is slim i thought i would try another option.  i decided to try to build a mentoring program, or at least reach out to other Men/boys who are in the same situation i am. I put together a group for socializing and working toward developing a mentoring program for newbies and unaffiliated Men/boys on the very popular website and app called Meetup.  There are now six interested, but only 3 of us RSVP’d for the first organizing meeting next week. 

i read about developing a mentoring program but got anxious i was over my head with this. i was beginning to doubt myself and feeling it wasn’t fully thought out.  I decided to reach out to my former mentor to see if He might be interested in working with me on this.  In text i gave Him the 10 second “elevator” speech about why i started the group and its goals. He said He would consider it and get back to me. i do hope He agrees to be involved at least in some small capacity. 

The holidays are over now and my leather boys meeting is scheduled for this Sunday, and the club that includes Doms and subs will be meeting again this month as well. BDSM classes resume in February so my need for Leather BDSM connection is on the upswing. 

i suppose i am learning that there are ups and downs in connections, meetings and activities.  If i fill the down times with relevant reading and blogging i should be able to get through the funk until the next upswing. 

Thanks for reading,

boy stray

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