Will, Won’t or Maybe Monday

i’ve had a time catching up on my Blogging after my trip.  There are many ideas and topics for posts floating around my brain that i will develop in the coming weeks and months, but tonight we’re talking more kink.


Anyone who has been hospitalized for a significant illness may have had a catheter inserted at some point.  In a hospital often the catheter used will appear to be the size of a garden hose, it is lubracated, and seemingly crammed into the dick and passed through the prostate in one quick shove of the tube.  It is usually uncomfortable to downright painful.  

i on the other hand enjoyed the catheters i had while hospitalized on two separate occasions.  It was not painful to me, and i enjoyed the ability to continually empty my bladder without having to get out of bed during the night.  i even bought a complete catheter setup including the bag to collect the urine that i would be using at home.  I slowly lubed the catheter, and introduced it my my meatus (piss hole) and slid it down my urethra till it reached the prostate.  Y/you know Y/you are there because Y/you will have hit a bit of resist and it is felt at the actual prostate gland.  Y/you just push a bit more firmly and Y/you will feel the sensation as the catheter advances through the gland and into the bladder.  This is where Y/you can enjoy a couple of different kinky activities.

First there is access to an abundance of urine for watersports or piss play.  i on the other hand slid the catheter in and out of the bladder and going back through the prostate repeatedly.  Then, i began masturbating with the catheter in place.  i was in effect fucking myself on the inside of my cock.  What an orgasm.  Fantastic.  

The last time i was catheterized was by a Dom in a class in front of 8 other nude men.  The urine flowed into a bucket, but it took several minutes to completely empty the bladder.  What a sensual experience.  If Y/you think Y/you either want to catheterize someone or you want a Dom to insert it into you, then i strongly suggest going to a class or having someone knowledgeable to teach Y/you proper technique.  Bladder and kidney infections can result from poor technique and contaminating the catheter before or during insertion.  Finally, one catheter is used on only one person.  It should NEVER be removed from one person’s body and then inserted into another person.  Talk about risk of infection!


Some Doms/Masters/Sadists like to put their subs/slaves into chains as a way of controlling, punishing, or otherwise torturing them.  It is in my opinion an edgy kind of play that requires complete trust in the Top.  Also, i would only agree to this while NOT drunk, NOT on drugs,  and only if there is an emergency escape plan that can be enacted by the submissive. i don’t mean to be a fear monger but i consider all of the risks:  Is He someone you don’t know well or just met?  How is His health?  you don’t want to be chained and have the Dom pass out, have a seizure or heart attack and become incapacitated. Where are you being chained?  A dungeon, cellar or basement.  Is a phone or the key that unlocks the chains within reach?  Much like bondage, so far i have not played with someone i trust enough to be chained no matter how hot it may seem.

Chastity Devices

This brief introduction will on be presented from the vantage point of a submissive.  Personally i eroticized the cock cage and longed to have a Dom control my cock, preventing erections, masturbation, orgasm, and genital contact with any other Dom.  Optimally the Dom orders the cage be put on, He locks it, and He keeps the key.  Only He determines when it will be removed; only He decides when you will be allowed to masturbate or orgasm.  It is such an erotic act of submission that in the absence of a Dom i bought three devices so far.  One was to small and pinched when it was being put on.  One was rubber and had no lock.  i couldn’t get my cock in that on either.  Then, I bought a better quality device – metal with 3 different sized cock rings that could be used to determine the best fit.  It only stayed locked on for two days when it suddenly dropped to the floor having slid off my cock and balls.  Apparently i did not have the proper size cock ring that anchors the chastity cage in place.  i haven’t put it on again since i started my foreskin restoration process on 7 January 2017.  Wow, what progress i have made in two weeks.  While many subs get their own chastity devices, it would be much more meaningful to have your own Dom holding the key that controls your ability to be sexual.


This is very closely related to the asphyxiation topic previously presented.  With choking however, the Dom uses His hands or a device like a ligature to close off the breathing and to decrease blood flow from the heart to the brain.  This is supposed to greatly enhance the orgasm of the person being choked.  Thus, when a person does this to themselves it is called auto erotic asphyxiation.  Many people have died doing this because they don’t stop in time causing them to lose consciousness and choking to death.  Please be very careful if you decide to engage in this type of edge play.

Cock Rings

Cock rings are great.  First they help engorge the penis making Y/your package appear to be really big and firm.  They can make the cock harder, and intensify orgasms.  i like them so much i seem to have developed a collection of them, some being Leather, and others being metal, rubber, or even a leather cord or string.  All are good to try.  Sometimes i wear one just to run errands or if i will be lying down or wearing a swim suit.  i highly recommend giving them a try.

That’s about all i can cover tonight.  More next Monday!
Thanks for reading,
boy stray

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