30 days to define your kink as a submissive

It is hard to believe January 2017 is nearly over.  A fleeting moment in time.

Today i will add another response to the 30 days to define your kink as a submissive.

Day 5: Have you been or are you in a dominant/submissive dynamic relationship or is this new to you?

This is a bit of a story covered in earlier posts and a theme that will repeat in the coming months and years.  i am not new to BDSM/Kink but i have not been in a D/s relationship.  i have only played at being a submissive a few times unless Y/you count all the classes i have attended.  i yearn for a D to match my s.

Have you been in more than one D/s relationship?

Hmmm, no.

How were they the same? How were they different?

Although i have not had a D/s relationship i can definitively say all Doms and subs are different so the dynamic of the relationship must be unique to each D/s couple.  

Thanks for reading,

boy stray 

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