30 Days to Define your Kink as a submissive – Day 12

Today’s question stirs a great deal anger within my heart and soul.  Let me share my opinions and let me know if you have supporting or dissenting opinions.
Do you include financial submission within the definition of your own submission and if yes, how does it manifest itself?

Hell NO!  i worked hard for MY money and i ain’t giving it away.
If no, is there a particular reason why?

It allows and perhaps even encourages Doms, wannabe Doms and Dom pretenders to take advantage of vulnerable submissives by promising to be everything the sub wants, but first the sub must make a financial contribution to show the sub’s commitment to the D/s relationship/Collaring/training.
Are you familiar with the concepts of financial submission?

Do you have an opinion about financial submission in general?

Yes, i have an opinion about everything.  

my opinion is so strong against financial submission because i nearly allowed myself to be reeled in by unscrupulous people online.  No doubt behind the pictures of handsome faces, buff bodies, and the promise to be everything the sub wants and needs…is an unattractive person from another country preying on gullible men and women who long for the Dom of their dreams.  

my first instance of nearly being taken advantage of was on a popular BDSM/Kink site for gay men.  i received an unsolicited message from a guy who was (at least in the pictures provided) a handsome man with a muscular and well defined body, who stated He was fairly well endowed, and who wanted to be in total control, to be the perfect Master/Dom over me.  my heart was all a flutter, and i felt appealing, wanted, needed.  After all, this gorgeous man who could have anyone reached out for me.  Of course i sent a reply as soon as i finished reading about His desire to own me and be my Master.  He responded quickly solidifying His desire to be MY Dom!

Then came another message saying to show my commitment and desire to submit to Him, I needed to go to a certain website to fill out my likes/dislikes and hard limits.  The first time i fell for it.  i went to the site, filled out a questionnaire, and clicked the button to submit.  I was taken to the next page where I was to enter my credit card numbers.  i can’t remember the exact fee to be charged, but it wasn’t just chump change.  

That is where my voice of reason kicked in and I was brought back to reality.  my mind flooded with many “why” questions.  And also i filled with self doubt…why would someone like THAT want to Dominate someone like me?  Why was He evasive with questions i posed?  Why did He need me to pay something upfront with U/us never having seen each other in real life, or even spoken on the phone?  

What the Hell was wrong with me….why would i pay some stranger who lived who knows where to be a Dom to me?

i messaged him back saying i was not going to pay the fee.  he responded that it was “just a test of my commitment” to him.  This time i didn’t answer his message, and he apparently got the not so subtle hint to buzz off.

Then came a message from another “Dom”, and then another.  I didn’t fall for anymore scams on that site, and actually wrote back saying, “if you think i am going to go to a website and pay to join just for the possibility of becoming your sub…you are crazy.”

my last encounter was on another site where i received a similar statement, but this time he actually admitted he was in Another country…England, and wanted a cyber Dom/sub relationship only.  i emailed him back a couple times before he said he required financial submission as well.  Stupid, gullible me considered it until he said he wanted a financial “gift” that would be suitable for his wife.  i quickly woke up from my fantasy about a young, handsome, hung Dom wanting me.  i ceased further communication with him.

NOW, i ignore all of the emails that seem to follow the same script demanding financial submission prior to any D/s relationship beginning.

So, my tip to you is that there are internet scammers and liars out there trolling for vulnerable people who may be desperately looking for that one “real” opportunity to enter a D/s relationship, and they/we really believe this could be it.

Please ignore those emails, move on to the real, honest and honorable men and women seeking the qualities and personality that you possess.

****One caveat, if and that is a big IF you are already in a committed real life D/s relationship, then and only then should you ever consider commingling your financial assets, or giving your Dom the keys to your personal treasury****

Thanks for reading,

boy stray

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