Will, Won’t or Maybe Mondays

Today i will write about several FORCED behaviors or activities.  There is a long list of things a Dom can conceivably force a sub to do.  i will not list them all since i assume Y/you know that forced activities are ones the Dom orders/demands/ commands/requires the submissive to do.  

Forced bedwetting is caused by denial of bathroom privileges often after requiring the sub to consume a large quantity of fluids.  In a similar vain the Dom may force a sub to piss their pants either in private or it could even be in public.

Forced homosexuality or heterosexuality.  This speaks for itself.  Forced to have sex or do something that is contrary to your sexual orientation.  i would assume this could be extremely difficult for those who identify completely as one or the other orientations.  As for me, i believe i fit the category of a Kinsey 6, a total homo with no desire or ability to perform sexually with women.  i would likely have to submit to harsh punishment because of my inability to do as ordered regarding forced heterosexuality.

Forced nudity either privately or publicly – nudity forced privately may be in Y/your own home, but with other people present…perhaps other Doms.  Forced public nudity could be in a park, on a hiking trail, or even at a Dungeon party.

Forced eating, Forced exercise, Forced masturbation, Forced servitude and just about any activity the sub would not normally do can be forced by a Dominant.

Another activity i thought i would present is Foot Worship.  Many people have a foot fetish…and i could be counted among them.  Personally i enjoy worshipping the entire male body but “shrimping” as we use to call toe sucking can be very erotic.  The receiver of the foot worship can perceive the adoration of His feet either pleasurably or with disgust.  Some people find nothing sensual about feet.  And others make it their preferred act of reverence for their Dom.   i have been on the receiving end of foot worship but more often i am the worshipper.  Everyone’s feet work hard and carry our bodies everywhere, every day and they don’t get the care and respect they deserve.  If you can’t bring yourself to kiss, lick or suck on feet and toes of your Dom, you can always bring a basin of warm water to your Dom, kneel beside Him, wash His feet slowly and sensually, caressing and massaging them, and then, applying a soothing ,healing and scented lotion to His feet.  If He is not exceedingly ticklish He may thoroughly enjoy and appreciate this form of submission and adoration of His body.  Give it a try.  i think it feels really good, and maybe your Dom will as well.

Thanks for reading,

boy stray

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