Why Do i Submit?

i took a chance and “cruised” a young Switch who was profiling His Dom nature on recon.com. Time went by with no response so i cruised Him again. No response. Well, third time being the cliche “charm”, He responded.

He is young, handsome, hairy, and as it turns out is a very sweet, nice Sir.

my first scene with Him was very simply me approaching him in His backyard and being given orders to orally please Him. i did exactly that with great pleasure to myself in my submission to Him and to His great satisfaction.

This evening i was asked to come again to His backyard. However, this time He came out stunningly dressed in full Leather from His cover to His shiny, vintage WWI Boots. He was quite a masculine sight to see. It was heady for me to imagine how He might have me service Him tonight.

He took out a huge cigar, and ordered me to my knees facing him as He lit it. i was allowed to rest my head on His Leather covered thigh close to His Leather covered genitals. The smell of the Leather was intoxicatingly erotic. And occasionally He would draw in a cloud of smoke, place His mouth fully on mine and transfer the smoke into my mouth. He did forewarn me not to inhale the smoke.

i choose not to divulge the details of the encounter. But, it left me desirous of more of Him, more intensity of play, and hopeful of a couple months of play with this Master. i had mentioned in a previous email that i would like intense play with Him. Tonight He agreed to take me down that road.

Why do i submit? i have always been a helper, a doer, a pleaser. i’ve always been courteous and respectful saying Sir, Ma’am, and thank you. i used to hate getting whipped or spanked as a child. But, then i found you can add a Leather and erotic and sexual component to the pain, it became more intriguing and desirable.

So combine my desire to please, with courtesy and respect and saying, “Yes Sir” a lot, and my predilection toward masochism and Y/you have the reasons i submit.

Sir and i have planned another scene whereby i will be bound naked to a St. Andrew’s Cross. First, He will flog me for a while. After some time He will change to a whip. Now, i’ve never been whipped as an adult and definitely not by a hot strong Leather clad Sir who could really do some damage. i am excited, anxious, a bit apprehensive and scared. my biggest fear is wussing out after the strike of the whip. i fear disappointing Sir. i fear disappointing myself. But all i can do is be my best and give my all to Him.

That’s why i’m called to submission.

Thanks for reading,

boy stray

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