me, a Dom?

A funny thing happened on my way to the dungeon. There is a boy i have been crushing on in my local Leather boy’s club for over three years now. Through a series of events that put us in close proximity and helping each other after surgical procedures, we had a sexual encounter.We seemed to mesh together very well. But we were both masochistic submissives. So what’s a boy to do?After some long, intimate conversations he asked if I could be his Sir, and could I hurt him. Surprisingly, I answered yes to both questions. We each completed a BDSM checklist and most of our preferred activities and fetishes were the same. However, I was a bit confused and answered some as a new Dom and some as a masochistic sub. Our sex is very hot, very passionate and extremely satisfying for me, and hopefully for him as well with me as a Dominant Top man. He now calls me Sir! Our first scene started pretty well. I stripped my boy and told him to bend over onto a massage table. I began by spanking him with my hand. Then, I shifted to paddling and then took a riding crop to his already red ass a couple times. Of course taking my time, soothing his ass periodically and checking in with him as Doms are supposed to do. However, I was somewhat over zealous in my new role and my boy called out the safe word “yellow” while Sir was using the riding crop. I immediately felt horrible thinking I was a bad Dom. I thought, “I don’t know what I am doing.” I felt guilty for hurting my boy beyond his level of tolerance. I stopped playing. We got in bed talking and kissing, and stroking and caressing each others skin intermingled with sexual activities. We stayed together for hours and still do every time we see each other.We’ve even progressed to saying the L word to each other! It feels so good. It feels so right. I understand it’s a new relationship and we are still in the lustful honeymoon phase. But, we are older men. We’ve both been around the block many times. We’ve both had previous unhealthy relationships and are determined to have an emotionally, physically and sexually healthy one this time. We have pledged total honesty with each other. We both admit monogamy is not really likely for us, but we are still working on how “non monogamy” will look and work for us. Although I probably painted a lovely picture of our budding relationship there are several HUGE obstacles to us being able to succeed at this and establishing a strong long term relationship. But, I remain optimistic. I hope our love overcomes the obstacles, and strengthens our resolve to be together. I really, truly love my boy!

I first wrote this in late January or early February of this year. For some reason I never published it. But after a couple grammatical changes I’m hitting the publish button now.

Sir Stray