Fuck “the New Normal!”

I was doing fairly well with the “isolate at home” and “social distancing “ orders for five months, and then I started getting a little depressed. I’ve been studying Spanish religiously since March 4 of this year and I’ve watched hundreds of movies on Netflix and Amazon prime. A small group of friends of mine started meeting about three months ago to have a social distance lunch & pool party at two of the guy’s home. There are only four of us and there are no hugs and no kisses, just sitting and talking and having a little bite to eat. After lunch we takeoff our clothes and get in the pool for a little while. We’re trying to have some semblance of a return to normality despite the looming threat of infection and possible death.

Also, I started getting massages again about two months ago. Massages are an excellent treatment for some of the medical problems, and muscle & joint pain and stiffness that I live with daily. So I felt it was a risk worth taking to get some relief from the at times agonizing stiffness and pain that I experience every day. I don’t go very often because of the expense but I try to get one every couple weeks.

The other day I was so frustrated and angry about the COVID-19 isolating situation that I as a hyper sexual gay man lined up a man to come and have sex with me for pay. Ok so no judgements about me paying for it. He hadn’t been able to work for months and I hadn’t had sex with a hot man for about 5 months. He has been a casual acquaintance for a couple years. I recently saw that he had started giving massages and doing other kinds of work since the COVID-19 pandemic kept him from working his regular job. He needed money which I had. I needed to be touched and to have sex with a hot younger man.

So he came to my apartment and started giving me a massage. He slowly massaged my back and shoulders with moderate pressure. As his massage strokes moved further down my body it quickly became the most exciting and passionate “lovemaking“ that I had experienced in many many, many years. His massage strokes moved downwards to my low back and buttocks. Occasionally his hands and fingers covered in massage oil rubbed over my asshole which is an intensely sexually charged part of my body. As my moans of pleasure increased he directed more attention to my gluteus and my hole. From a previous nude massage I knew his cock would be just about perfect for my tight ass. But it turned out his cock was thicker than I thought. He worked slowly trying to get me to relax and allow my hole to open enough for him to penetrate me. He rimmed my ass deeply for quite a while. Even with a deep rimming it became obvious I would need to apply some numbing gel – mostly to get his big cockhead through my tight sphincter. He slowly pressed his cock against my hole but it just didn’t go in. I was tightening because of the pain. He kissed my neck, ear and low back. He encouraged me to get out of my head which was anticipating pain and think more about relaxing my asshole. But, I realized that I was not relaxing enough so I took a deep breath, pushed out my hole and at the same time I backed up onto his cock. I was immediately impaled by his beautiful, really hard cock.

He slowly began thrusting in and out. With each inward thrust I relaxed more and more. I wanted him to jackhammer my ass so as he thrust forward into my ass, I began moving my ass backward meeting his thrust which was deeper and harder and faster each time. Then he pulled out. I asked he if ever allowed himself to cum while “working”. He said yes he did and that he nearly had cum a couple times fucking me. So I asked him to cum inside me.

He slowly inserted his cock again and began fucking me like I was really his lover. He was fucking me with just the right depth and speed of each thrust. After about 5 minutes there was a final deep thrust, a moan and my ass was flooded with his cum.

Every since the first time I bottomed I’ve felt taking a man’s cum in my ass was a deeply spiritual act or connection. To me a man’s ejaculate is his essence, his life force or a small piece of his humanity – his soul. And as such there is a brief feeling of oneness that I have with each man.

Being fucked by this man at this time during a worldwide pandemic gave me a renewed happiness, satisfaction and hope that in some not too distant future we will really return to normal. And we can completely reject the notion and acceptance of this time as the “new normal.”

Thank you for reading this,

And So It Continues…

The world seems upside done. Or like the ol skits from Saturday Night Live probably 30 years ago called “Bizarro World”. The world right now is truly bizarre.

We are entering the second or third wave of the worsening COVID-19 pandemic eight months after the first cases appears in the United States. The police are using excessive force and even killing unarmed black men and women. Racists and Neo Nazis march openly in the streets and are NOT denounced by the guy who claims to be president. A racist man and his son chased down a black man who was just jogging and they murdered him. The anti government militia were planning to kidnap the governor of Michigan, put her on “trial” and execute her because they disagree with her policies. Thank god the plot was thwarted.

trump’s outright lies have been documented at well over 30,000 but he continues to have staunch supporters most of whom refuse to wear masks or maintain social distancing. They say “it’s my RIGHT not to wear a mask!” So I guess that means it’s alright when they get COVID and spread it to their grandchildren or elderly grandparents.

his supporters have no grasp on the realities of how much he has fucked up this country. They continue to follow him and support him like they have a bad case of “puppy love.” he can do no wrong in their eyes.

trump and his republican cronies in the senate have displayed the level of hypocrisy to which they will stoop in pushing through a right wing conservative, anti gay, opponent of Obamacare and opponent of Rowe v. Wade to a life time appointment to the Supreme Court. Only four years ago the Republicans blocked President Obama’s pick of Merrick Garland eight months before an election. Now, with 11 days till Election Day and with millions of votes already cast they are going to most likely push her nomination through. They have no sense of decency.
The republicans pushed through the confirmation of this nut job woman who is so young she could be a Supreme Court Justice for forty years….forty fucking years to destroy the progress and freedoms we have fought for decades to get. We could easy slide back to back alley abortions, harassment and murder of gays, lesbians and transgender people. And push blacks and Hispanics back further by eliminating their ability to get a good education which in turn decreases their economic stability.

And that Howdy Doody character, mr. sad sack looking motherfucker with all the power in the Senate MUST be defeated and thrown out of office. He is an obstructionist and do-nothing power mongering hypocrite. Throw fucking Mitch McConnell out of the Senate. Please, Kentuckians, please vote Democratic and send McConnell into permanent retirement.

Thanks again for reading my ranting,