Sir Titan, the MASTER

It’s been almost 2 years since MY difficult and devastating break up with MY first boy, a submissive, as a new Dominant. After many months of recovering from that very difficult break up I began playing again AND having sex again. I played with a number of guys who were lots of fun….some were bottom submissives and even a couple masochists. And while I don’t consider MYSELF to be sadistic, Master did thoroughly enjoy giving some good hard spankings, paddlings and even using a leather belt to their backs, their butts and their thighs. Master enjoyed giving them extremely intense, heavy CBT to the point where they would leak precum. And one boy even ejaculated without touching his cock, just by having his balls beaten really hard.

Of course COVID put the kabosh on playing and meeting people in general for a year. Socialization with friends or even trying to hook up with “pick up” play partners could easily lead to devastating illness and possibly even death. So 2020 was a wasteland in terms of BDSM play or even vanilla fucking. As I wrote in MY last post, Master occupied much of HIS time with online Zoom meetings and classes. MASTER even began studying Spanish. But that was certainly no replacement for socializing with family & friends or sex. And it definitely did not replace MY desire, maybe hunger, for deep, intense BDSM play.

Over the course of the year of 2020 MASTER lost HIS interest in porn & masturbation, and for long periods of time didn’t even masturbate long enough to reach orgasm. How could this MASTER who has always had an extremely high sex drive, possibly even to the point of addiction, if one can truly be addicted to sex, not even want to jerk off long enough to get off. It was a hard reality for MASTER to accept when HE realized HE had gotten to get to the point of not wanting to expend the energy long enough to jerk off and shoot a load all over HIS stomach. Master was beginning to crave human touch, social interaction, closeness with people and even craving the sight of people smiling without a face covering on. MASTER was truly becoming forlorn.

When it seemed as though the country was turning the corner on getting a handle on the virus, and after finally getting rid of that orange trump guy, MASTER developed a renewed sense of hope that life would return to some semblance of normal fairly soon. When the vaccine started rolling out quickly after President Biden was sworn in, and he implemented a “REAL” strategy to defeat the viral pandemic, MASTER was able to get both vaccines.

A short time after receiving the second vaccine injection MASTER began reaching out to boys/men again for casual sex and some light BDSM play. MASTER would ask each boy what measures he had taken to remain uninfected with COVID-19. MASTER also sought out previous sex and play partners broaching with them the subject of a possible sexual or BDSM play date.

So MASTER slowly and cautiously began inviting men/boys to come and play, have sex or to just lie naked together on the bed talking, looking into their eyes, seeing their smiles and of course touching, stroking and caressing their skin…real, live, warm and sometimes hairy man skin. MASTER’s emotional response to such a simple act that He had done thousands before with many different men/boys over the years was phenomenal. The dark clouds began to be pushed aside taking with them the fear, grief, sadness, depression, loneliness and confusion the world has felt for over a year.

MASTER wrote previously about HIS refusal to accept the phrase or the possible reality of living forever “the new normal“ as a part of HIS belief system or view of a post-Covid world. MASTER never wanted to accept the reality of what was happening as the new normal giving in to its horrible worldwide devastation.

MASTER is cautiously increasing HIS going out, meeting people and being more social, but HE always wears (appropriately) a facial covering and strives to maintain the set “social distancing” rules. Also MASTER is cognizant of changes in HIS body and monitors HIMSELF regarding possible symptoms that could be a Covid infection. And HE would self isolate if necessary.

The insanity, lies, corruption and incompetence of the last four years are now history. W/we no longer have to deal with that idiot. As MASTER said, for HIM the dark clouds are moving away and the sun is shining again. There is hope for the world now. There’s hope that all of U/us Kinksters out there can soon get back out there playing and living O/our lives the way W/we want to live and that starts by not being afraid that we might die a horrible death from touching or hugging someone, or in O/our case, spanking and fucking someone.

So hold on gangsters! Things are going to get better. They already are.

MASTER and a friend of HIS are scheduled to attend the upcoming Beyond Leather conference in West Palm Beach, Florida soon. There will be masks worn. There will be social distancing observed. There will be a decreased number of registrants allowed to attend. But there W/we will be among hundreds of other kinky people dressed in our best Leather and Rubber, metaphorically rubbing elbows with each other as W/we celebrate O/our lives, O/our freedoms and O/our kinky identities, personas and lifestyles.

L’chaim….to Life, let’s live it on O/our terms, but in a safer way.