The Master…the end!

i continued my daily check in for about eight more days.  And i received not one message of acknowledgement.  Getting more and more sure i was being played the fool, i emailed him through a Kink BDSM hookup site that i saw him on repeatedly during those eight days.

i wrote a simple note asking if i should continue to check in daily.  A terse note came back, “I don’t have time for this now boy”.  i wrote “Fine Sir” back to him. His response, “I am much to busy for this at this time”.

It was quite obvious a couple weeks ago it would come to an end soon. But silly boy kept hope alive. Now it is done.

i done been played yet again.

my journey continues & my head is held high.

Thanks for reading,

boy stray

The Master

A few weeks ago i was contacted by a Dominant/Master on after my initial “cruise”.  i didn’t really think too much of it since hookups for this boy are fairly nonexistent.  But we talked via the website off and on for a while, until one day He wrote that He wanted boy to get Yahoo Messenger, which i did immediately.

On December 4th we began a near daily communication via  He is considering my loyalty, honesty and mettle to be a slave to Him.

The Master is out of town for a while, but He gives this boy orders and directives – all of which have been done fairly easily so far.

boy stray is really excited to be considered as a slave, and the current distance between The Master and boy affords He and i the opportunity to talk and get to know each other more before actually meeting in person.  it also prevents the rapid jump to dungeon play without knowing each other well.

The Master, who is about my age, is very handsome and well built from what i see in the pictures He has sent.  boy is currently in verbally ordered chastity, is to keep pubic area shaved which is standard for most slaves and boy is to check in with The Master every day without exception.

i do worry about being able to sustain an Internet only communication for 6 more weeks. And i worry about whether The Master will approve of boy when W/we finally meet.

i hope i don’t fuck this up!