Objectification of the Male Body

i suppose i could be called a man-izer, since i tend to objectify every, and i mean EVERY man i see whether it is in person, on television,  on the Internet,  or even over the phone.

Men are sexualized just for existing. i have been called a man whore, a slut, and other descriptive but derogatory terms.  i can find something attractive in nearly every man.  It could be their looks, their smile, their hair or beards.  It could be their height whether tall or short.  It could be their size or body shape.  They can be large or skinny, hairy or smooth. Or the size and shape of nipples seen on a bare chest or through a tight Tee shirt.  Are they pierced anywhere?  And no Race issues here. Then, there is the package that may show abundantly or that does not show at all.  The size of their feet, the size of their nose or hands.  They can be cut or uncut.  And there is the butt.  Beefy…firm…small & round.  Hairy or smooth.  Doesn’t matter to me.

Y/you may be thinking i have no standards.  Well, i actually do. Smile and personality go a long way with me.  Are they showing any interest in me at all?  Are they married, single, or looking for a LTR… which is a deal breaker.

With every man…i think about how big their cock is and about how hairy or smooth they are and how hairy their asses may be.  Even friends and family get this type of scrutiny.  So, am i strange, unusual,  a bit screwy, a sex addict or, do other gay men do this as well?

My ideal Dom would be 6 feet tall, 210 lbs, short brown/black hair, maybe olive colored skin, full beard and mustache, nice clean handsome smile, really hairy body, strong arms and chest, a bit of a belly, nice sized uncut dick..7 to 9 inches, hairy ass, and size 14 to 18 boots.  He must be a Leather man should be well educated in the fine arts of providing pain and pleasure.   He must want a service oriented older submissive boy to serve him.

Any glimpse of a man’s butt crack, treasure trail, pubs or nut sack make my head spin.  Can’t get it out of my conscious mind.

What do you think?  Sex addict, pervert, too much time on my hands, or just a normal, horny gay man?

Thanks for reading,

boy stray