The Lost Art of Good (Gay) Sex

This past weekend i went to a well known gay resort in Orlando where gay men gather, sun bathe, party, cruise and have lots of sex.  i only cruised for sex!

Saturday night i met five…yes, five men.  And i would say none were particularly good at sex.

#1, a guy from Tennessee came as soon as we laid down naked on the bed with me giving him just a little manual stimulation.  That was a shame cuz i thought he was going to be fun.  He was embarrassed.  We talked a short time and he left.

#2, a Latino man of very few words only wanted his big uncut dick sucked.  He came, said thank you, and left.

#3, a Latino man who spoke little English immediately requested a condom, which i surprisingly did not have.  So he kept saying, “no, don’t touch.”  No oral.  No kissing.  He opted for frottage with me face down and him humping my back.  He came.  i asked him in Spanish if he had a wife and what was his name.  As he left he said my Spanish was good.

#4, a young white guy too drunk but bearish and cute, so i let him in.  i asked what he wanted as he came in, and he said, “you!”  He stumbled around taking his clothes off.  Then got on his knees, head down, butt up on the bed wanting me, i suppose, to fuck him. Well, being a bottom boy, not having a condom, and him really drunk i decided just to rim his ass.  Then he fell onto his side so i sucked his dick.  He suddenly jumped up, got dressed hurriedly and left my room without a word.

#5, was actually at 4:00 am Sunday morning.  A white guy, full beard, tatted up, and quite gregarious.  He came the closest to actually having sex/making love with me.  We kissed, caressed, i stroked his sexy, soft beard.  Sucked his dick.  Then, he wanted to fuck me.  i really wanted it too.  But, my history of radiation resulting in anal scar tissue prevented me from being penetrated.  It caused horrible pain just to have his dick head inside.  Every thrust to go deeper felt like a huge red hot fire poker being jammed in my ass.  So, he gave up and wanted me to grasp his cock tightly with both hands and rapidly and almost violently masturbate him.  That was the only way he could cum.  Then, he gave me a song and dance story: war veteran, horrible childhood, down on his luck, and the person who brought him there had deserted him.  He had no way home.  Could i possibly give him $$$ for Uber back to where he was staying.  Of course i gave him money.  Was it payment for sex?  Was it just a monetary transaction not having anything to do with the sex?  After he left i used a towel to remove the lube, and was surprised to see blood on it from him trying to fuck me.

Y/you might have noticed in my discussion of each scenario i never mentioned my dick being touched, or sucked.  Or that i ever came.  And the only reason i was going to get fucked is because that’s how he wanted to get off.  It had nothing to do with meeting my sexual needs.

What happened to fore play?  What happened to give and take?  What happened to taking care of your partner’s needs as well as Y/your own?

Being a sub i understand my role in a D/s scene, but these were vanilla sex encounters.  i suppose next time i will need to take care of my needs – take matters in my own hands as it were, while i am working to satisfy my partner(s).

Maybe someday i will find a regular FB who cares about my erection and orgasm as much as His own!  Wish me luck.

Thanks for reading,

boy stray

Hurricane Irma, FUCK YOU BITCH!

We in Florida can use Y/your prayers during this catastrophic storm.  Thank you,

All in 4 Foreskin

Why do so many men, gay and straight, have such a love for or fetish for foreskin?

Got me!  But count me in.

Having been circumcised as a poor, defenseless baby i lived my life happily as a cut child and adolescent.  However, in Junior High School gym class i saw my first uncut dick…or maybe it was standing next to an older boy at one of those old floor to chest tall urinals.  I was taking a peek to see what he had…as boys, and most men, will do.  He was uncut.  And larger than my little ole peter as a 13 year old boy.  i was amazed.  Fascinated by his cock.  It was so different, and bigger.  It was my little spark of awareness that not every boy was just like me.

My first lover was uncut.  Loved playing with it, stroking it, sucking and licking under the foreskin.  Then, he went and had it cut off.  As an adult mind you.  No erections allowed for weeks.  Tell that to a twenty something year old man!  Anyway that relationship ended poorly, but my fetish for foreskin continued to gain in momentum.

i love the way they look and feel, and how they taste and smell (clean of course).  i wanted one of my own to play with and enjoy.  A long time ago – was it twelve, or fifteen years ago in one of my searches for uncut dick pics i came upon a mention of foreskin restoration.  So, you know, i just had to go there.  It was possible to re-cover the glans (head) with skin that was stretched over a period of time from loose skin left behind when the mutilation, i mean, circumcision was performed.  

i did the manual tugging of the loose skin off and on for years.  I tried the taping method but it hurt like hell peeling the tape off my dick several times a day after each urination and then taping it up again.  Neither worked for me.  i just had to be content playing with ones that i happened to come across through the next bunch of years.

Then another search for something brought up a link that took me to, of all things, foreskin restoration again.  This time there were things you could buy and pictures of different cocks in all stages of restoration progress. i thought, “i gotsta have me one of those.”  The two devices i evaluated for purchase were TLC and DTR devices.  Both seem to be very good products, but i decided on the DTR Tugging device.

i ordered it, paid only $60, received it three days later and began using it immediately.  During my waking hours i am seldom not wearing it.  It is a cone shaped hard plastic primary piece with a soft clear rubber-like “gripper”.  Y/you place the hard cone piece on Y/your soft penis, roll or pull the loose skin around the head of the penis up onto the cone.  When the cone is covered with as much skin as possible the gripper is pulled down over the skin covered cone holding in place Y/your foreskin.  The last thing to do is attach the other end of the cone device to an elastic, like a suspender that has a clamp on it, to a long sock, knee brace or whatever, down one leg.  The tension is adjusted to your comfort level and to maximize the results Y/you will get.  It doesn’t or at least shouldn’t hurt.  If it does, lessen the tension on the strap and reevaluate the positioning of the foreskin under the gripper.  Every two hours or less remove it, let Y/your dick get some air, take a piss, and put it back on…if quicker results is Y/your goal.  It can be worn discreetly under clothes for just a couple hours a day or all day.  Just don’t sleep in it.  Since men get nocturnal erections (sleep hardons) damage can happen like skin tears and bruising.  Read all the dos and don’ts, be cautious, go slowly at first.

It’s a slooowwww process, but everyone i talked with online says it is well worth it and that the time will fly by.  

This Blog post should not be construed to be medical advice.  It is merely the thoughts and experiences of the writer.

Resources:      Lots of pics        Lots of educational videos           A site to join, share Y/your journey and Y/your cock pics showing progress.

Facebook group: foreskin restoration        many great guys offering support, information, and tips

Or just google the hell out of it and learn all Y/you can.

To follow my progress, my pics will be on

Thanks for reading,

boy stray