Kinky Erotic Photo Shoot

Today i went to a professional, discreet photographer to have updated and more edgy pictures to use on a couple BDSM Kink hookup sites.  This photographer did two previous shoots with me.  He is extremely good at his craft and had a variety of things to spice up the shoot.

At first was the obligatory G rated head shots in a nice shirt and jeans.  It progressed quickly to a leather vest, leather suspenders, wrists and ankles in leather cuffs, leather blindfold, gagged with a knotted red bandanna, gagged with a leather bit, jocks, assless underwear, and of course full nudes.  At one point i was nude with leather cuffs on and he shackled me to a heavy chain suspended from the ceiling.  i was blindfolded and gagged.  

my cock wasn’t “full” enough so he began fluffing with gentle strokes, squeezing my cock hard and then came the CBT.  With each tap of the balls the impact grew harder making my knees weak with excitement.  I guess my dick grew sufficiently hard because the CBT ended…unfortunately.  Previously he moved my head to be in a good position with a light guidance with his hands, now he intensified the guidance to a rough forceful shove for positioning of my head and body. 

As i stood there, shackled to the ceiling, blindfolded, gagged, nipple clamps on, i wanted him to cease being a professional photographer and become a seasoned Dom who wanted nothing more than to subject me to every sort of control and to induce a heightening of the pain…i wanted to be flogged, pissed on, bit, slapped, spit on, and something shoved up my ass.  But, alas he was a professional.

He must have taken a hundred pictures.  We looked at them all.  Deleted some on the first pass, then continued to weed out more in deference to the best, sexiest, edgiest, and most exciting poses.  I settled on 9 photos.  It’ll take a few days to get to final pictures and when I do I’ll upload a couple that are edgy but not too revealing.

Also, i decided the other day to get personal cards made professionally that introduce me as my BDSM submissive persona, boy stray.  i have never seen anyone hand out a strictly BDSM Kink oriented business or personal card, but thought it could be handy and a good way to make a first impression and to be remembered.  If Y/you are involved in a community, serve as a mentor or educator Y/you too may want to get a calling card.  Just a thought.

Thanks for reading, 

boy stray
By the way, that is not me in the above photo.